Ometeotl und Omecihuatl0
The rediscovery of true time
Psychomagic work and body training
Individual sessions and group work
- Background of my work
- The offer

Self growth

Individual sessions in psychomagic energetic work. (Accompanying anxiety, anger and grief processes)

Releasing blockages on psychological, physical and emotional levels

Personal trainings in various areas (e.g. leadership, conflict resolution, development of inner potential, creativity, self-confidence, self-awareness, healing, dreams, search of the internal strength)

I offer calculation of your personal Chuenil Kin

space Maske space

Working in groups

- Energy work in and with groups

- Self-awareness groups, such as for example regular Nahual meetings

YOK'HAH for adults and children

Workshops on the Mayan traditions and culture

Performing Arts

- Body training for theatre and dance

- Development of expressiveness

- Staging performances, happenings, concerts, theatrical plays, ritual art and choreographies

- Conception of psychomagic events

My work combines the Nahual-tradition with psychomagic energy teachings and facilitates expansion of awareness and perception. It awakens intuition and makes us more flexible, sensitive, and integrates human beings in all their aspects: mind, soul, body and time.