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The rediscovery of true time
The Yok'Hah Maya Nahual tradition
Rediscovery of the true time
- The Yok´Hah Maya Nahual Tradition
- What is Nahual?
- What is Yok'Hah?
- The embodied Maya calendar

Various Mexican old cultures, such as the Toltecs, Aztecs and Maya perceived the so-called reality as a dynamic and energetic event which we can create the way we want if we are free. According to the old Mexican beliefs, freedom means to experience timelessness of the human being and not to hold on to particular behavioral or thinking patterns.

We can create and transform reality into different facts of life, as we restore and use our connection with our original strength. If we recognize and use this elementary force in ourselves we can also discover our personal power. This force is a creative energy of life which comes from the inner source of a person. If we reactivate our energy sources time starts flowing into us again and we begin to see a different side of the world which hitherto remained invisible. It exists beyond rationality and logics. It is the level where social rules and conventions limiting our magically-creative selves are broken. Then we become free.

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If reality encloses within itself it starts to develop everyday patterns of behavior and thinking. These patterns can cause our captivity in time that does not belong to us. In this time we exist in a place that is not the place we actually live in. We are no longer present in the Now. This imprisonment in “non-time” is the cause of illnesses and unhappiness of the soul. We experience the past where we hold on to certain situations, memories, people and objects which do no longer exist. Our inability to let go the past impairs our true existence so that we can not experience what is HERE and NOW.

Just like looking into the past our expectations of the non-existing future result in projecting our emotional poverty into an invisible spot. But the future is intangible, it is an unknown land and time yet to happen. If we tried to imagine a physical position of the future it would be located behind us and not in front of us as it is typically visualized by Western cultures.

Vividly demonstrated is what I can see when I go forward – my past – the tangible time I can touch with my own hands like a real object. If I then move backwards I bid farewell to the past and walk into the future. It is important that I experience the present with every step I make into the unknown land of the future. Even today Mexican people walk through time in this way.

For the Mayan people time is not linear, over the course of their history they have tried to discover, experience and set free the true time of the individual. Our real time is the power of now where every cell, every organ and every part of our bodies are living in the eternal time of the present moment. The Maya developed the Path of the Nahual to achieve this timeless state of body and mind. In this state there is a place where we can turn into Nahuals – men and women with tremendous energy and strength who are connected with the Universe and with their own hearts.