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The rediscovery of true time
The embodied Mayan Calendar
Ritual dimension of time
- The Yok'Hah Maya Nahual tradition
- What is Nahual ?
- What is Yok'Hah ?
- The embodied Maya calendar

The movement of 20 of YOK'HAH represents a sequence of 20 basic, universal motions. These movements correspond to a macro-micro system. They are a synthesis of all knowledge achieved by the Maya and at the same time the core which through all this knowledge had been acquired. Thus every movement is connected to a celestial body and its orbit in space (such as the Sun, the Moon, Venus, the Orion constellation). Needless to say that these cycles have a temporal quality and in turn connect with a certain force, an energetic identity, a cardinal direction, a number, a color, an organ, etc. In summary, the movement of 20 represent the Mayan count of time.

The ritual calendar Chuenil Kin consists of thirteen 20-day months which gives us a cycle of 260 days. In the West this calendar is known under the name of Tzolkin invented by the American anthropologist William Gates in 1921.

The 20 movements of Yok'Hah embody the Chuenil Kin. They are some kind of a physical calendar which circulates the energy of various celestial bodies. These astronomical objects guided the Maya when they developed their calendar.

The movements of 20 Yok'Hah.

The movement of 20 on youtube

The ritual dimension of time

The Yok'Hah Maya Nahual tradition works with the ritual dimension of time, this ancient dimension that can be found in every man and every woman. This realm belongs to the apparent “impossible”, inexplicable for modern formal logic. This is the level where time merges with a human being. According to the Yok'Hah Maya Nahual tradition the human being is made of time and does not consist only of body, mind and a soul. Sometimes we betray time and consequently become imprisoned in the events of the past or ideas of the future. These situations and ideas injure the human soul and open a kind of “black hole” in the Self. Thus it becomes necessary to close this time wound inside us with the help of various Nahual experiences so that we can cure ourselves. This way we make sure that every cell of our bodies, every organ and every limb can exist in Here and Now

Yok'Hah Maya Experiences
The gangway of the Nahual (self-centering experience)

Foto di Natalia Bougaii

Finding the true time is only the beginning of the path for Nahuals. As Nahuals could have said themselves we, humans, must allow eternity to flow in our blood so we can shine like stars in the sky as every woman and every man is energy and light, a star, a mirror and time without time in an impossible world.

Kin Ol meditation (meditation in motion)
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One of the meditations in motion of the Yok'Hah. In combination with Yok'Hah Maya breathing and other body experiences we can find an emty spot in ourselves where we can feel our power. At this point we are ready to act.

Now as the art of life.

Life as the art of now.