Ometeotl und Omecihuatl0
The rediscovery of true time
Background of my work
Psycomagic work & Mayan tradition
- Background of my work
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During the last 60 years various psychotherapeutic techniques have been developed, from Wilhelm Reich up to bioenergetics which have tried to work integratively with the different elements of the human being. Other therapeutic directions have sought a scientific connection between psychology an spirituality.

The neo-bioenergetics, person-centered therapy, bio-trance energetics and other alternative methods, such as the Rebirthing and transpersonal psychology are just a few examples.

All these methods are well-meaningly trying to work energetically, integratively and “scientifically” and their attempts are more or less successful.

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Body-oriented psychotherapy

A modern means to integrate mind and body.

This psychotherapeutic method assumes that body and mind form an inseparable unity and that both emotions and memories are stored in our bodies. We work with a number of acting-outs (exercises) and massage techniques in order to enhance awareness of the body and to bring to consciousness subconscious mental processes. In this sense, all body psychotherapy methods are experience-oriented.

Yok'Hah Maya Nahual tradition
Access to your personal power – to your power

This particular line of the cultural tradition of the Mayan people tries to connect various aspects of the human being, namely body, mind, soul and time. The Yok'Hah Maya experiences are a corporeal science in which time, cosmos, motion, space and voice are put together. As a result we become bodies, who feel the passion of life, minds that can grasp the essence of things and souls who love their surrounding world. We find the true time – the power of the present.

Psychomagic Work

The bridge between old traditions and modern science- The irrational art of healing

Psychomagic is a term created by Chan Canasta, a pioneer in the 1950s and 1960s of Mentalism. He explained that the word was a portmanteau of the two words psychology and magic, much like his performances.

Alejandro Jodorowsky uses Psychomagic as a name for a non-scientific technique that is assumed to be useful in psychotherapy. The technique combines art, Eastern philosophies (particularly Zen Buddhism), mysticism and modern psychotherapy to heal patients with emotional problems.

My psychomagic approach combine my knowledge as a body-oriented therapist with Gestalt and Art therapy techniques as well as energetic work in accordance with the Yok'Hah Maya Nahual tradition. This proposal relies in the idea that the unconscious mind takes a symbolic act as a fact. If the patient is capable to materialize the conflict, he would be able to act concretely in order to solve the problem. So a symbolic act could help to find a definitive solution to some types of non rational conflicts.