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The rediscovery of true time
The Mexican Calendar
The Book of Days and Destinies: Chuenil Kin
- The Mexican Calendar
- The Book of Days and Destinies: Chuenil Kin
- Small and large cycles of the galaxy
- On the way towards 2013-2026: the time of transformation
- Hunab-Ku, science and spirituality
- The western point of view: the galactic center
- The center of the galaxy from the Maya perspective

Stars, ceremonial centers and cells of our bodies are influenced by the energy of the Universe. We are luminous beings, who can create themselves as temporal, physical, spiritual and energetic entities. As such entities, we should live in harmony with nature and our fellow human beings.

Our ancestors aspired to demonstrate this harmony in their calendar. This is why they developed the Tonamatl, also called Chuenil Kin, the book of days and destinies. Destiny in the Mexican traditions is not predetermined, but is the power of our own deep decisions. The Chuenil Kin shows a direct connection between 20 body parts and time units. The Yok'Hah Maya Nahual tradition developed 20 movements, which express this direct link. They also embody the meaning of time and a represent the movement of the Cosmos.

Zugang zur Unterwelt

To the Western world the ritual calendar is known as "Tzolkin", the name invented by the American anthropologist William Gates in 1921. The civilian calendar is called "Haab". The time system of the Chuenil Kin includes the ritual 260-day cycle (13 x 20 days) and the civilian cycle of 365 days (18 Uinal 20-day cycles plus five additional Uayeb-days "the days to complete the rest of life"). During the last five days of the civilian yearly cycle we should retire to meditate, to fast, and to carry out special body exercises (Yok 'Hah), in order to prepare ourselves for the next solar cycle.

You can view the Chuenil Kin with the Aztec and Maya glyphs in this pdf-file.

The names of the months of the Mexican calendar in Nahuatl (Aztec) and Mayan languages, as well as their meanings, can be found in the following pdf-file: The Mexican Calendar

I would also like to offer calculation of your personal Chuenil Kin. The position of stars at the time of birth shows energetic qualities of a person in relation to their own shadow and light wisdom. The Chuenil Kin shows many possible ways of development that a person can create based on his or her own free choices.