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The rediscovery of true time
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The time of transformation is an eternal moment in the Here and Now

Some important dates and Maya messages on the way towards the next cycle:

1974, Year Toshtli Ce Ce Lamat (year 1 rabbit). The old fire was extinguished, a new flame was ignited. It was the beginning of the current 52-year cycle, which comes to an end in 2026.

According to the teachings of our Nahual men and women, starting from 1992 people of the world become more open and more insightful, they receive important lessons and various changes take place.


On 11 August 1999 the last solar eclipse of the last century took place. In the minds of many people it was a symbol of the end of the millennium. The associated expectations and fears activated the collective consciousness of the humankind.

On 11 March 2000 the third small 13-year cycle started with the Year of Flint (1 Edznab). During this period it becomes possible to create a stronger connection with the energy of the Universe, and therefore also with our inner power. This enables us to expand our perception.

On 20 May 2012 (4 Ben, 13 Pop) a solar eclipse will take place, which is an important omen. 16 days later, on 5 June, the Sun will align with TSAB (the Pleiades), which is a sign of change. These two astronomical phenomena support the energy of the Winter Solstice.

On 20-21 December 2012 the Winter Solstice will take place. It marks the beginning of the last 13-year cycle. The messages conveyed by the Nahuals of Mexico state that these astronomical phenomena belong to a series of events, which will pave the way for the accelerated development of people?fs consciousness.

In March 2013 a new cycle begins, the fourth and the last small cycle of 13 years of the large 52-year cycle.

In the year 2026 the old fire will be extinguished and a new flame will be lit. The great cycle will come to an end.