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The rediscovery of true time
The Mexican Calendar
The Western point of view: the galactic center
- The Mexican Calendar
- The Book of Days and Destinies: Chuenil Kin
- Small and large cycles of the galaxy
- On the way towards 2013-2026: the time of transformation
- Hunab-Ku, science and spirituality
- The western point of view: the galactic center
- The center of the galaxy from the Maya perspective

Astronomers have long been trying to find out what is located in the center of the Galaxy. The star dust, of which the Galaxy is composed, disturbs the observations and radiation measurements. It is believed that in the Galactic Center is a black hole, but it has not been proven yet.


This black hole with the mass of 2-3 million times larger than our Sun, is located in the sector Sgr A (the name comes from the abbreviation for Sgr Sagittarius, because the center of the Milky Way lays in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius). This is a radio telescope picture of the Galactic Center obtained by the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC.