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The rediscovery of true time
The Mexican Calendar
Hunab-Ku, Science and Spirituality
- The Mexican Calendar
- The Book of Days and Destinies: Chuenil Kin
- Small and large cycles of the galaxy
- On the way towards 2013-2026: the time of transformation
- Hunab-Ku, science and spirituality
- The western point of view: the galactic center
- The center of the galaxy from the Maya perspective

Hunab Ku is the Master of Time. It is a huge, living organism, the energy in the center of our Galaxy, which includes all of us. Hunab Ku is the essence, which is in the center of all things. It is also the heart of our Galaxy and is connected with our Sun (Ahau Kinich). When our Sun, the Earth and the center of the Galaxy are aligned, we experience harmony. This oral tradition is the basis of the cosmology, sky observations and the calendar of the Maya.

Each ceremonial center of the Maya (pyramid) is a representation of this cosmology, the vibrant spirits of the Sun, Venus and the Milky Way. From the Maya perspective, the nature and the Galaxy have their own consciousness and can act independently. Their decisions, in line with those of the people, create the destiny of life.


The cycles move spirally, and thus never return back to the same point. These movements lead to evolution and changes in the Universe, not only on astronomical level, but also energetically. We can visualize the whole system and the cycles of the Universe as a kind of DNA helix: people, animals, nature, Galaxy etc. are spirally interlinked and evolve simultaneously.

The Maya discovered that the planets also move cyclically and that at some points these cycles establish direct links with the spirit of our Galaxy, with the heart of Hunab Ku, the center of the Galaxy.


They have discovered that approximately every 25,625 years our solar system moves to another location of the Galaxy. This cycle corresponds to the migration of our Sun through the Universe. The 25,625-year cycle is divided into five 5,125-year cycles, and these cycles will be endlessly repeated as long as the Universe exists. Time can not end, because time does not exist and furthermore, it is eternal. As long as the Universe keeps going, the cycles will repeat themselves. The Mexican people see life as a continuous cycle of death and rebirth: for every death there is a life and for every life there is a death. According to our beliefs, if the Universe ceases to exist, a different kind of life will emerge: There is no end, only transformation.