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The rediscovery of true time
The Mexican Calendar
The center of the Galaxy from the Maya perspectiv
- The Mexican Calendar
- The Book of Days and Destinies: Chuenil Kin
- Small and large cycles of the galaxy
- On the way towards 2013-2026: the time of transformation
- Hunab-Ku, science and spirituality
- The western point of view: the galactic center
- The center of the galaxy from the Maya perspective

The Maya did not speak of a black hole in the center of the Galaxy, but of the heart (core) of Hunab-Ku. This core, as the source of Hunab-Ku, will vibrate synchronously with our Sun, the Earth and the Galaxy at the end of the current 52-year cycle. This energetic phenomenon is changing the internal vibrations of the Universe and its inhabitants. It can facilitate genetic changes in humans, making them capable of telekinesis, telepathy, or empowering them with extraordinary physical and mental abilities.


We have been experiencing the time of changes for several years now, and we are moving towards the part of the cycle (2012-2013), which will bring us new important changes in 2026. This process is happening gradually.

We should not forget that we correspond to the cycles of the Universe and that our bodies are temples, which contain the entire world. Every cell and every organ breathes and vibrates with energy and awareness. The center of the Galaxy and the awakening of Hunab-Ku communicate with us through our own inner core. They speak from our center, our strength as human beings: of the ability to awaken and develop our inner Selves, to receive our personal light, to activate our own magical essence, to awaken our inner God and our inner Goddess.

For the Maya, this development is happening in the Cosmos and at the same in ourselves because we are inseparable from each other.

In Lak Ech, with all freedom, with all emptiness, with all purity and love.